Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
Social profiles

Do you know 68% American companies with more than 100 employees count on the “blue bird” for marketing? Around 94% Twitter users plan to purchase from businesses followed on Twitter. 80% users on Twitter tend to mention brands in tweets. These powerful stats alone bear testimony to the significance of having your business on Twitter today. The post below explains further in what ways a Twitter account is a must-have for every business out there.

Exposure for your brand

Twitter is a great platform to achieve exposure for your brand. One of the main reasons here is that the social media site commands a vast and versatile range of users worldwide. So, when you launch your brand on Twitter, it will become visible to millions of users across the globe. Besides, if you can amp up your profile, bio and posts with industry-related keywords- your business profile will come up when your target audience will make search online.

Ability to achieve solid business leads

Twitter offers you an excellent opportunity to achieve potential business leads through your account followers. Industry-related informative content is a great way to attract followers to your profile. Contests, special offers, discount deals are other lucrative ways to pull-in targeted followers. Besides, you can always buy a large number of targeted followers from a company like It will instantly make your profile look popular and attract a further stream of followers.

Once you gain a good chunk of relevant followers, you can engage with and build strong relationships with them through Twitter chats, timely replies, retweets, DMs and so on. It will eventually result in lead conversions from these followers.

Networking with industry experts & influencers

Twitter is a top favorite of industry leaders and influencers today. Thus, the platform enables you a fantastic portal to find such key figures and get in touch with them.