Thursday, May 23, 2019
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These days Substance abuse is getting one of the most dangerous problems which are growing day by day. Therefore, alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers have been opened for those who want to take the treatment for their addiction. But one of the most common problems faced by the patients is the fear of losing their job. Because enrolling in the rehab centers while doing your job is stressful. Mostly, addicted people are suggested to take inpatient treatment. In this kind of treatment, the patient is kept under 24-hour supervision and care.

But some people can’t afford to leave their jobs while the treatment is going on because they’ve their responsibilities. But now no need to worry, because this isn’t the only left option that you can opt for. Here I’ve mentioned some tips by which you can continue your job along with the treatment.

  • Know your legal rights- the FMLA act of 1993 provide leave of 12 weeks with the security of job protection as well to the employer under undeniable medical conditions.
  • Be straightforwardly clear to your employer about your treatment. Even if you go for the outpatient treatment rather than the inpatient one, then also your work will be affected by the symptoms during the process of rehabilitation. Therefore, it is better to talk to your employer and be honest proactively.
  • Now, if your employer is supporting you, no matter what the reason is, whether due to the govt. Laws or because you are great in your work at the company. On your part, you need to complete your treatment properly in alcohol addiction rehabilitation centre and you should not escape from there early.

Last but not least is the fact to keep in mind is that if you show any misbehavior or turn up at your office while being drunk- then for sure you’ll lose your job.