Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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By definition, A Gantt Chart is “a visual view of tasks scheduled over time”. It mainly used for project planning and management. The chart was named after Henry Gantt, a business consultant, engineer and also considered as the person who founded modern management.

In the 1950s, the Gantt chart was used to build the hoover dam and most of the highway systems in the same year. Simply put, the rise of the Gantt chart was the start of the project management industry back in the day.

What can you see in a Gantt Chart?

When using a Gantt Chart, you can easily see the following important information:

  • Start date of a certain project
  • Specific project tasks for each phase
  • Assigned person on each task
  • Start and end date of each task
  • Duration of each task
  • How tasks of each person are related as a whole
  • Finish date of the certain project

Importance of a Gantt Chart

Nowadays, one can easily make a Gantt Chart through a Gantt chart maker in the form of different applications and software. So, what role does a Gantt chart have in project management?

  • You can consider this your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the project. This productivity platform allows you to see how the project is going and what problems you may encounter along the way as well as the solutions that you can do.
  • Through the Gantt chart, you can understand and layout your schedule easily. This way, your appointments won’t overlap with one another.
  • Gantt Charts also help in showing transparency. Since you can see everything about the project, you can easily check on the progress and changed made in the project.
  • Lastly, it allows you to check on the dependencies. This means that one person’s is linked to another one’s.