Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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It is very essential to know the most appropriate SEO tool that can really help you analyze keywords and traffic patterns. While there are hundreds to choose from, the real question is which software should you invest your time, effort, and even money? Below is the list that answers your question.

  1. SEMrush
    This SEO tool can be considered as a top-tier tool because of the popularity that it already gained. It can be used for various SEO analysis like tracking social media traffic, mobile traffic, and paid trafficOther than helping you check SEO keywords, this tool also helps you create a strategy for keywording and suggests using other related keywords. Moreover, there are still more than meets the eye on what this SEO tool can give you. 
  2. Moz Link Explorer
    More than just running a blog, this software also supports the optimization of search engine that can really boost your ranking on Google and other search engines. It also has a Keyword Explorer tool that shows you the metrics that you need to know about various keywords.In addition, it also has a tool called Link Explorer that tries to find if there are problems with the structure of your website. For example, the effects of backlinks to your domain score? Does Google-indexing hurt your SERP ranks? And many more.
  3. Google Search Console
    One of the best ideas to track your SEO is by checking it directly from Google. This tool gives you everything that you need to know in attaining high rank in Google like click-through rate and keyword rankings.It also helps you analyze if there are problems with your website, potential indexability, and so on. All of those features are for free.

In today’s entrepreneurship, you cannot neglect the power of an online presence. Considering also the high cost of advertising from famous search engines, a great SEO strategy is what you truly need to keep up with the pace of other companies.