Friday, Apr 19, 2019
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With the inclusion of trading feature in Pokemon Go in the latest update, many are excited to take their game to the next level and to some extent, increasing the friendship level as well. The trading feature of Pokemon Go will be different from other Pokemon games, but pretty sure all can adapt easily, especially the new players. Below are some guides to kickstart your trading.

Three things must be remembered before you begin trading in Pokemon Go as these are the requirements before you can trade; (1)Friends Only trading feature is done only between friends in-game. (2) Trainer Level trading features Pokemon Trainer must reach level 10 to access trading in Pokemon Go. (3) to initiate a trade, all Trainers must be within the 100 Meters proximity of from other trainer. By meeting all these requirements, you may now start trading in-game. The idea with this trading feature is to increase your number of friends in-game. The more friends you have, the more trade transaction you can acquire.

Another point that must be considered is that Pokemon trade differs from one class to another. All Pokemon are tradable only once but there are exceptions with this. Mythical ones like Mew is not tradable while Legendary and Shiny Pokemonare considered to be Special Trades that requires a number of Stardust before you can trade them, and greater friendship or best friend level must be attained before you can start trading those legendary and shiny Pokemon. Start beefing up those friendship, not searching pokemon go hack pc.

For special trades, its limited to one trade per day so you better choose wisely which Pokemon to let go. With this trading feature made for Pokemon Go, friendship indeed matters. So start making friends for you to have more trading partners in-game.