Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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Super Addictive Online Games That You Need To Be Aware Of

How many guys out there love to play online games when they are free and looking to kill boring moments? For sure, DominoQQ is a wonderful source of entertainment but it is addictive in nature too. Yes, I would like to elaborate few of the addictive online games here but still playing them in right manner is our huge responsibility. Especially, as a kid you need to find the right balance between online games, outdoor sports and studies. You can’t spend all your day playing these games as it will certainly affect your studies badly. Similarly paying right attention to the outdoor sports activity is crucial as your fitness level will improve


We are surely not here to explain positives and negative aspects of online gaming and it is the right time indeed to reveal, top 3 addictive online games of all time.

  1. Daymare Town Series – It is an amazing puzzle game that is created by Mateusz Skutnik. In the game you will enjoy an amazing creepy artwork along with breath taking music that will take you to horror.
  2. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman – This particular game has a hilarious element as you will play a role of karoshi who is trying to commit suicide but in an innovative way.
  3. Crash Planning – Crash planning is an amazing game that you can enjoy in your office and that too without getting caught. Here you are asked to match similar coloured boxes in order to disappear them and that too on background that look similar to Office excel sheet.

With these 3 addictive games, you can simply spend your entire day and that too without getting bored. It is all about enjoying these games in your free time and make some serious efforts to reach highest level.

Steps To Remove Bloatware From Your PC

It is very common to have bloatware on your PC. The system is usually fast when you buy it and then becomes very slow. This is because of bloatware. This starts consuming all the resources of your computer like the memory and the disc space and so, very obviously, the speed goes down and it is very important to get the PC repaired as soon as possible. There are many ways to do the same and some of these are listed below.

A few ways to get rid of computer bloatware

Sometimes, for small and weak bloatware, refresh and reset can help. This option is found in the refresh and reset in the setting option. The only problem is that it doesn’t always work. There is also another very easy method to get rid of the bloatware. If you find which app is the junk, the job gets easier. Just go to control panel and uninstall that software. You can also check the task manager to see which software is running in the background. You can reinstall windows in case this does not work. It is also very easy to install security software or anti-virus software. The best thing to do is to go to an expert. It is very easy to contact computer repair, York Pa. They can help you clean the system properly and from top to bottom.

In case this occurs in a computer, it can get to the memory of the system and spoil it. When you reinstall windows or give it to an expert, be sure to take a back up of all the important files. Keep checking and servicing your computer occasionally and even if it has no problems. Keep it proper and never install software from unknown or unfamiliar sources. Make sure you download only known software and that it has no virus.

Hacking Hay Day Game – Possible And Safe?

A lot of Hay Day players are now turning to google in search for hay day cheats android and even for iOS devices. But, is Hay Day hackable? Anyone for certain wanted to achieve an infinite resources such as diamonds and coins, to speed up the construction or progress of a certain upgrades and of course, to save as much time while playing. Hay Day is a 24/7 game that requires time and patience for all its players. So, boosting progress with lots of diamonds and coins at disposal are surely fun to have.

But, is the game hackable? There are forums and website links out there claiming that the game indeed can be hacked. Three methods are currently in rounds and found in the world wide web and those are modified APK file for Android devices, emulators, Still for Android devices and third option is suggesting the safe and effective ways to achieve unlimited diamonds and coins. For iOS devices, lots of suggested tricks to try but be advised to proceed with caution.

The first two suggestions are sure to add diamonds and coins and even boost production but could cost players compromising their accounts due Phishing attack for accessing unknown links and websites. Third option provides tips and tricks the safest way to earn coins in different ways such by doing different task (e.g. give 350 coins to players at the start of the game, etc.) and acquiring Diamonds with the help of Facebook, Level Up and completing achievements and through mystery boxes.

Hacking Hay Day sure does give players the chance for unlimited resources but could potentially endangering not only their account, but, could also get unwanted phone or PC malwares due to Phishing and other internet threats. Players are always advised to take extra careful.