Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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How You Can Change A Beer Label When It Is Already Approved

Changing a beer label that has already been approved can be challenging at times. You need to go through the TTB, the governing body that licenses beer packaging, and naturally, the TTB is also in charge if you want to change or revise something in your beer label.

But what can you do if you want to change a beer label that’s already been approved? It depends on certain factors. Whereas some changes don’t require the submission of a new COLA, major revisions may require you to undergo a process similar to the first time you applied for a label.

But before you go the TTB and apply for the label revision, consider reviewing the list of allowable revisions to approved labels. This list shows how you can revise your label without the need for obtaining a COLA from the TTB. For example, you may:

  • Delete non-mandatory label information, including text, illustrations, graphics;
  • Reposition any label information, including text, illustration and graphics, provided that the repositioning complies with placement requirements applicable to mandatory information;
  • Change the colors, shape, and proportionate size of labels. You may also change type size and font, and make the necessary changes to spellings, punctuation marks and abbreviations. These are all provided that all the mandatory information is readily legible.

For the complete list of allowable label changes without the need for submitting a new COLA application, follow this link.

However, you need to get a new COLA when you are changing the:

  • Class/type statement;
  • Brand name;
  • Mandatory address statement;
  • Actual bottler or importer.

You also need a new cola when you are adding:

  • New graphics/pictures/representations
  • New wording/phrases/text/certifications

If you still need to make changes, you can go through the process via COLAs Online. You need to register and follow the instructions for submitting the application.

Check Out The Different Ways To Increase The Youtube Views

Getting more views on Youtube is not an easy task in these days. We can see thousands of Youtube channels which are offering plenty of videos. So, seeking the attention of maximum users is really a daunting task. Several people can be seen who are dealing with the issues when it comes to increasing Youtube views. If you are also one of them, then this is the right place. Further, you can check out some different ways of getting more views.

Good video description

We can easily get more Youtube views by writing a good video description. Many times, it has seen that people start telling the random story instead of giving the proper description related to the content of the video. So, if you are going to write the video description, then make sure that it has the ability to attract the users.

Post videos early

It has seen that majority of the people don’t go with each and every option. So, it is necessary that we are uploading the videos continue. Make sure that the videos are uploading at the correct time. Also, you are advised to keep the posts eye-catching, and for this, you are advised to pay proper attention to the images and headlines.

Choose the right tags

Using tags is also known as the best method in order to increase the views on Youtube. If you are going with the option of using tags, then it is advised to make sure that the keywords are included. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that users don’t search for the exact description. So, always choose the right tag which can prove helpful. You can also take suggestions from professionals for choosing the helpful tags.