Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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Ways to Restart Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular game right now and gamers are concentrated on how to make their base as strong as possible. There are some instances wherein they mess up their setup with their base and just want to reset and start all over again. Starting from square one is definitely a good idea when you think you have messed up your slate but Supercell did not make this option easy for the gamers. Supercell said that Clash of Clans is not the game for quitters.

One option that gamers do to start over is to reset their device, this however can be senseless. If you are using a Smart phone, reinstalling your Clash of Clans application is the first thing you will do but you should remember that your game is tied up with your Google Play account. You will have to login to another account for you to start over.

Here are the steps on how to start anew:

  1. Go to for a new account. This may take time while you follow all the procedures setting up a new account.
  2. After creating a new account, go to Settings and then App.
  3. There will be all the apps that are installed in your device, look for Clash of Clans and tap on it.
  4. You can see all the details of your game there, tap on the clear data option. This clears all the data that have been saved on your device.
  5. Go back to Settings, add/remove/manage.
  6. Add the new account that you have created.
  7. Now you can open your Clash of Clans application and setup your new account in Google Play Games
  8. Start building.

It will always be your option to reset your Clash of Clans game. All you have to do is follow the steps. You can also repeat the cheats for Clash of Clans that you have already done with

Stainless Steel Appliances: Quick and Easy Cleaning at Home

There’s no doubt that stainless steel appliances make any home look modern and high-class. But while these appliances live up to their name at being highly stain-resistant, they’re, unfortunately, not dirt-resistant. In fact, it’s crazy how quickly they get dirty and greasy.

Thankfully, it’s easy to get rid of all the dirt, grease, dust, and fingerprint marks that accumulate on your appliances. The best part? You probably already have everything you need to do so lying in your pantry!

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Here’s how to clean stainless steel appliances at home:

For dusty appliances

Simply grab a cleaning cloth and wipe your appliance down in an S-shaped motion. Any cleaning cloth can get the job done but we recommend that you use a microfiber cloth as it will give your stainless steel appliances a nice shine, too.

For pesky fingerprint marks

Take a clean microfiber cloth and dampen it with water. Then, proceed to wipe away those fingerprint marks in an S-shaped motion. For added shine, take a dry microfiber cloth and gently buff the appliance.

For stubborn dirt

You’ll need the help of heavy-duty cleaning liquids. No, we’re not talking about store-bought, chemical-ridden commercial cleaners. We’re talking about white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap! Dilute any one of these liquids with equal parts water and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Liberally spray the solution onto the surface of your appliance and wipe it down in an S-shaped motion yet again with a dry microfiber cloth.

Use the vinegar solution to give your appliances a smooth, clean finish. The rubbing alcohol solution, on the other hand, polishes stainless steel and gives it a brilliant shine. The dish soap solution is your ultra-heavy-duty cleaner that would remove even the thickest globs of grime from your stainless steel appliances.

Now that you know how to clean stainless steel appliances, the next is to be consistent with your cleaning. Find time to clean your appliances regularly using the above-mentioned methods and you’re sure to keep them “stainless” for years to come!