Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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Why Do We Fear Difficult Games?

In the gaming industry, game’s difficulty varies from one game to the other. There are games that can be played depending on the age bracket of the player.

As BandarQ becoming more popular nowadays, game difficulty of the online games had evolved. From the classic online games, younger age play it without any problem. But, some online games today are much difficult and are complicated than other games.

Why do game developers have developed such difficult and complicated games? As a player, are we affected by those games? Or, are we afraid playing difficult games? If so, then why?

Those questions have been running on my mind for quite some time now. I am not so sure about the reasons and the motives of the developers why they make the game complicated and difficult, but I know their intentions are pure. I am not affected by the difficulty of the games, may it be an online game or not. For me, the game should be a little difficult so that players will try their best to dominate the game. If I may suggest, developers can add some special or hidden quest for the game to fun and not boring compared to those other games.

As a gamer, you have purposes and reasons why you play the game. But, being afraid on a game due to the level of difficulty does not make you a better gamer. You must be thankful that there is a developer who likes to develop games with higher level of difficulty.

Have no fear, continue playing the game regardless how many days or weeks or months or even years it takes for you to master and conquer that difficult game. You may have allotted a lot of time on it, but at the end, when you reach the pinnacle of success, you will appreciate the progress and the achievements that you have made.

Just remember, a gamer’s ability is tested on the game’s difficulty, thus a difficult game makes a hell of a gamer.