Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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Order Wisely While Visiting A Restaurant On A Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is high in fat, and low in carbs. A lot of people who follow the keto diet feel that eating out once in a while means breaking the keto diet but it is not like that, you can relish on your fast food and still follow your the keto diet. It is true that majority of the restaurants tend to serve dishes that are high in carbs, but there are also a lot of keto friendly fast food restaurants that serve delicious as well as healthy and low carb keto food. You can even ask the restaurants to make some alteration to your dishes and they will be happy to help you.

Guidelines for eating out on a keto diet

Here are a few guidelines that you can follow if you are on a keto diet and are planning to eat out in your favourite fast food restaurant.

  • Avoid the bun

Typical fast-food joins serve burgers that are high in carbs because of the bun that is there. So while on a keto diet you can have an improvised version of the burger, by just skipping the bun and avoiding toppings that are high in carbs. Mustard sauce, ketchup and teriyaki sauce are high in carbs so swap them for mayo, salsa, avocado, ranch dressing and onions to cut down on the carbs.

  • Opt for the burrito bowls

Burrito wraps are generally high in carbs, so they are a strict no on a keto diet but you can opt the burrito bowls and make them on your with leafy green and your choice of protein and fat. Be sure to avoid topping like tortilla, beans and corn. Stick to avocado, sauté vegetables, cheese and onions to make a healthy ketogenic burrito bowl.

  • Egg-based foods

Egg is a ketogenic food so it is perfect for those who are on a keto diet. One egg contains less than 1 gm of carbs. Avoid having bread or hash brown with egg so that it doesn’t become high in carbs. Ordering eggs with cheese and sausage is also a safe option. Egg-based breakfast is just perfect for a keto meal.

  • Low-carbs salads

Usually salads in a fast- food restaurant are high in carbs, mainly because of the toppings used. So to keep the salad low in carbs, it is quite important to skip ingredients especially those high in sugar. Avoid dressings that are sweet and or have high-carb ingredients.

  • Keto beverages

Drinks usually served are high in sugar, so avoid beverages that are sugar-laden. You can opt for unsweetened ice-tea, coffee with cream, soda water, black-iced coffee and hot tea with lemon juice. You can also use stevia which is a no-calorie sweetener to add to your beverage.

Therefore, you can enjoy dining out even when you are on a keto diet either by looking for a ketogenic restaurant or by making a few changes while ordering food at your favourite fast food restaurant in town.