Sunday, Jun 16, 2019
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Broadway has found the new Evan Hansen and he is a 16 years old high school boy. Andrew Barth Feldman will be making his Broadway debut as one most iconic character in the theatre as Evan Hansen.

Andrew will take over the title role of the musical Dear Evan Hansen from Taylor Trensch who has played his performance in the show since January of this year. The musical won almost six Tony Awards that also include Leading Actor in a Musical, Best Musical and many more.

Feldman is not only the first teen to take the character but the July Broadway audition for Dear Evan Hansen was his first Broadway audition. He is a student at Lawrence Woodmere Academy in the Woodmere at NY. He had won the 2018 National High School Musical Theatre Award for his great performance. The current cast of this new Evan of musical Dear Evan Hansen includes Michael Park, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Phoenix Best, Sky Lakota-Lynch, Lisa Brescia, Mallory Bechtel, and Alex Boniello.

He will be going to make his big debut as Evan Hansen on the 30th January 2019 and make sure that audience will love his performance in a most effective manner. He is going to play the lead role of the musical and going to impress the people with his acting skills. It is the first phase of his career in the Broadway that gives his name, fame, and popularity among people and if you want to see this new face in Dear Evan Hansen then it is beneficial for you to get your tickets with great comfort at online platform and you can enjoy the stage musical in most effective way. So, Andrew is the next star of musical Dear evan hansen tour dates on the Broadway that is going to impress people.