Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Ibis paint X is making a remark in the illustration world online. Illustrations are a very vital part in animations and other sources of the graphical design field. It offers a lot of functions like tool selection, gradients, layers, filters, drawing tools and many more. All these options tend to create an art piece that looks extremely professional when the work is final and completed.

One of the main functions it provides includes a magic wand. It is a selection tool for the background of an image that can make anything turn transparent. So Here is a tutorial of how to use this magic wand

Step 1:

Open the ‘Layer window’ and click on the ‘Background transparency’ icon which will give you access to load any photograph or picture from the photo library.

Step 2:

After the picture has been loaded, use one of your fingers for dragging and moving the image. While you use two fingers in order to pinch the scale of the photo in and out. It helps you adjust the position and size.

Step 3:

Choose the ‘Magic wand tool’ from the ‘Tool selection window’. If any chance a window appears asking to extract the drawing, cancel it.

Step 4:

Go to the ‘Magic wand settings button’ and turn easy settings and underline off. Then you must return to the ‘Canvas screen’.

Step 5:

Select ‘add mode’ and tap the background area that you want to make transparent. When the area protrudes, change the strength percentage and expansion setting.

Step 6:

Tap on ‘Clear layer’ available in the ‘Selection area window’ to delete the desired space needed to be transparent.

Step 7:

Select the ‘Remove selection area button’ and finally save it using ‘Save canvas’ in transparent PNG format.

This tool and it’s usage becomes very easy when you continuously work on Ibis Paint. You can get the same application by simply searching online ‘find how to download ibis paint x for pc here‘ and the website comes up. Youthe have to download it by following the steps required.