Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Buddhist Poker Player To Give His $600,000 Winnings To Charity

Yes, you read it right. The Canadian poker player Scott Wellenbach is continuously giving his winnings to charity as usual. He is called as “The people’s hero” as he always plays the poker Judi Online games, wins the game and provides that money to charity. He follows Buddhism and he said in an interview that he sits around and meditates a lot. He said that he entered this religion at the age of 27 in order to get a way to lead this life which is dissatisfied. Scott Wellenbach is now 67 years old.

Who is Scott Wellenbach?

  • He said that with the help of the winnings, he likes to provide all money to charity. Till now, he had given around 600,000 USD to the needy people. He says that the money he wins will go to some purpose like human beings and animals.
  • Apart from playing Judi Online games, he works as a translator of languages Sanskrit and Tibetan.
  • Scott is greatly interested in meditation and told that he starts off his day by meditating for an hour. He also added in the interview that he knew the game at a very young age but he started to play only after 2010.
  • His biggest win was 72,176 USD which placed him third at Bahamas main event. He also explained that it is difficult to maintain the Buddhist practice of keeping calm in parallel to the adrenaline rush in Judi Online game in order to win.
  • However, he is also concerned about millions of people who take part in online poker games and lost a whole lot of money.
  • He also mentioned that the ups and downs in life are pretty much similar to the winning and losing of the Judi Online poker games.

The people’s hero is all about helping people by his charity with his immense use of mind and strategies.

10 Best Apartments To Rent In NYC For Any Budget

Are you on the lookout of Apartments & Villas For Rent in NYC? Well, budget is no constraint, then check out these finest of properties here.

Vestry Loft

Set at the center of the bustling Tribeca neighborhood, Vestry Loft stands out with its classy dark wood furnishings and fancy copper lights. Exposed bricks on the walls create a balanced grunge look. It sleeps 6 and rent is $3,500 per night.

Washington Loft

A monochrome shade dominates the property, beautifully dotted with burgundy and navy here and there. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves add special magic to the property. It sleeps 6 and rent is $1,400 per night.

Swaan Loft

This 2-bedroom loft sprawls across an area of 2,200 sq.ft and impresses with its contemporary styling. It sleeps 9 and rent is $850 per night.

Grand Street No. 2

If you are looking for a kid-friendly vacation apartment with community gardens for your little ones to play around, this is the property for you. It sleeps 6 and rent is $495 per night.

Nassau Residence

This property is the perfect mix of elegance and chic and this unique blend adds a special flavor to it. It sleeps 3 and rent is $500 per night.

Tweed Loft

Tweed Loft stands out with its crisp décor magnificently manifested at every corner of the property- right from ivory leather chairs to the zebra rug. It sleeps 7 and rent is $1,029 per night.

Witness Apartment

The magnificent property with more than 20 windows is your thing if you are looking for an apartment with easy flow of abundant daylight. It sleeps 4 and rent is $600 per night.

Fulton Studio

Nestled in the Historic Downtown of the city, Fulton Chic speaks of classy chic with its polished alabaster flooring, high ceilings and pristine walls. It sleeps 2 and rent is $380 per night.

Stuyvesant Square

The property mesmerizes with its classy Victorian-inspired drawing rooms & artistic dining ambience. It sleeps 5 and rent is $385 per night.

East Village Charm

If you wish to experience the downtown city buzz at its fullest in a modern retreat, look no further. It sleeps 4 and rent is $170 per night.