Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Apex Legends Investigating Connection Issues

Apex is a battle royal game which you can play for free developed by Respawn Entertainment. It was launched on 4 Feb. Where you have to choose your avatar in the game where each avatar has unique abilities. You can form up your squad with other players and have to fight and kill other players to survive to the last. It has now above 25 million players and because of which it creates an issue of an infinite number of loading screens and often connection time out error occurs. But you don’t have to worry about that, there are some lifesaver hacks which helps you to enjoy your game without any interruption.

Some hacks to play your game without any connection issue

If you are into online gaming and play it day and night you probably are now aware of the connection issue and are annoyed by the loading screen and poor ping. It sucks the fun out of your game. There are about 25 million active players and because of which sometimes servers get down. You face difficulty while playing, every now and then the screen freezes and doesn’t work because of which you get eliminated or get killed by other players. To avoid this you can choose different servers like New York, Singapore,and many others it also provides there option to choose your ping so that you don’t miss your target. When you start the game wait for a few seconds, there an option appears of data center and from there you can change the server and ping.

This game has the entire element which makes more interesting than any other online games. The thrill of surviving till last by killing your rivals is unbeatable. So, if you want your game not to get stuck in between you change your server and ping. You can also look online for more apex legends hacks which help you a lot enables you to play without any interruption.