Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Over 60% of millennial in the US count on online movie streaming today for their regular dose of movies. Gone are the days when you had to bank solely on your cable subscription to watch movies from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the emergence of internet movie streaming, you can happily cut the cord and switch to a more convenient and economical avenue to watch movies.

One thing is clear- online movie streaming is rising in popularity by leaps and bounds. There are hundreds and hundreds of online movie streaming sites today. They not only stream movies in English but also in other languages. For example, leading online movie streaming site papy streaming features movies in French.

One of the main reasons behind the massive craze it commands is the convenience quotient. With online movie streaming, you can watch your favorite movies whenever you wish to. The only things you will need here are a solid internet connection, a browsing device and your time. Not only you can watch the movies anytime, but also anywhere.  For example, say when you are stuck in a long boring traffic jam or while you are waiting for someone at a lobby and so on.

The widespread adoption of Wi-Fi at both homes and public places is another major push behind the rise of online movie streaming today. Coupled with that, the pricey movie tickets at the multiplexes have further snowballed the trend of online movie streaming big time. As mentioned earlier, online movie streams are always more cost-effective than going to theaters. You will just need a nominal subscription fee to binge-watch as many movies you want with your entire gang. Just imagine how many tickets that will save! In fact, you can even request your friends to share the subscription if they are the regular visitors on your online movie nights.