Use Cheats And Tricks To Move Ahead In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery is a mobile game that basically takes off from where Harry Potter was saved as a child from Voldemort. The Players in the game can customise and create their own avatar of a student who is attending Hogwarts, the school of magic. Players can attend the magic classes, learn different magical spells and battle with the rivals.  Moreover, players are also able to interact with the stalwarts of Hogwarts; Professor Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Minerva Mc Gonagall and Rubeus Hagrid.

About the game

The game consists of a series of tasks that require energy to perform. Players can tap on the screen to move their characters from one place to another. With different levels, players can get new outfits and are able to unlock other features. Some of the activities come with a few consequences that can lead to the loss of your house points. Moving forward and doing well in the game is not impossible, but to perform really well and to save energy, you can use Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery cheat.

The harry potter Hogwarts mystery cheats and tips

  • Learn more and make most of the flying skills- The flying lessons, potions, as well as charms, come with some perks. Flying skills are the most useful in gaining more energy and every new flying skill you learn helps in increasing the energy amount.
  • Plan all your star activities quite carefully-Collecting free energy is not enough so you need to plan your moves during events that require energy carefully. In case it is an eight-hour activity, then you need to take at least 20 energy for every star. You can even tap on the activity to sew how much energy is required.

  • Set notifications- Energy plays a pivotal role in the game, so it would be good if you allow notifications for the game set on your device. Doing this would help you get notified when your energy is replenished and you would not miss out an important task.

These cheats and tricks can help you move ahead in the game, level up and unlock all the other important features.


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