Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Apart from being known as a popular holiday destination, Singapore is also known for its high-end living and luxurious residential projects. Juniper hill is one such new and upcoming development, coming up in the Bukit Timah which is a well known residential area in Singapore. It is said to be a luxurious condo, on the outskirts of the very famous orchard road with high-end residences all around. The Bukit Timah is known to be a luxurious residential area so all the residential projects in and around this area have to be of a high living standard.

Features of the upcoming condo project

Juniper hill the upcoming luxurious residential condo is quite talked about mainly because of the following reasons:

  • The location of this project is the plus point, as it is located on the outskirts of the orchard road and is quite close to Newton another high-ended residential neighbourhood.
  • It is located within 5 minutes of the orchard road, a famous shopping street and has banks, malls, food courts and restaurants are all around making the area quite busy during the whole day.
  • Singapore’s botanical garden is also located close to this project, making it a great place to walk and to spend some time with nature.
  • The Bukit Timah is also known for some really good and top class educational institutions.
  • The area where this project is located is also quite close to the MRT station, making it easy for frequent travellers.
  • Besides, being close to the orchard road, it is also not too far from the MRT station.

It is an exquisite residential condo development taking place in Bukit Timah, with a promise to provide comfortable living and a luxurious lifestyle along with out of the world facilities to the individuals.